David Crane
Senior Counsel

David Crane, a legislative and public policy specialist with extensive experience in the United States Congress, has a wealth of political, legislative, government relations and coalition experience.

A Senior Counsel at Watts Partners, David Crane previously founded Quadripoint Strategies, a full service government relations and political consulting firm. Mr. Crane has also served in senior positions at The Washington Group and Global USA, Inc, where he established a reputation for achieving success on a broad range of high profile and complex legislative, public policy and appropriations issues in the policy areas of health and education, financial services, litigation management, homeland security, transportation, telecommunications, tax and trade. These successes are based on experience and expertise in legislative and public policy strategy development and implementation, strategic messaging, coalition building, legislative drafting and Congressional and Agency hearing preparation and execution.

In public service, Mr. Crane worked in the Senate as Senior Policy Advisor to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. For his work for Senator Lott, Mr. Crane was highlighted in Steven Brill’s critically acclaimed booked “After: How America Confronted The September 12 Era, as a “Key Figure” in America’s response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. He managed the Leader's activities with the Senate and House Appropriations Committees; coordinated activities with the committees and leadership staff of both chambers of Congress, and developed and implemented floor strategies on key domestic issues such as appropriations, technology, transportation, health and education, energy, environment, banking, homeland security and financial services. In addition, he served as the Majority Leader’s liaison to the nation's governors and state officials.

Prior to joining the Majority Leader’s staff, Mr. Crane worked on the professional staff of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. In this capacity, he served as a Senior Policy Advisor to Chairman of the Committee, Senator John McCain. Key responsibilities ranged from Internet, information security, telecommunications, public health and welfare, oversight of Olympic and college athletics as well as work on a broad range of social and domestic policy issues. He drafted legislation for the Committee, developed and implemented legislative and communications strategies and tactics to secure passage of Senator McCain's legislative agenda and to achieve the Senator's public policy goals. Mr. Crane also served as an advisor to the Senator’s 2000 Presidential campaign, and served in a formal position as Senior Domestic Policy Advisor for Senator McCain’s 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Before joining Senator McCain’s staff, Mr. Crane served as Legislative Director for Senator Daniel Coats, who served on the Senate HELP and Armed Services Committees and as Opposition Research Analyst at the National Republican Senatorial Committee under Chairman Senator Phil Gramm.